Guiding You Toward Better Tomorrows

Innately Intuitive and Highly Sensitive, I have always had a natural ability to feel and perceive others’ energy, thoughts, moods, emotions, ailments, and intentions despite outward appearances.

These inborn traits along with in-depth training, a passion for wellbeing, and many life experiences have together cumulated into what can be best described as a “SOUL CALL”—a call to healing, guiding and inspiring.

My mission is straightforward: To Help You Find YOU! Because being your TRUE self allows you to travel your unique and exciting journey with clarity, courage, and strength!

Cathy’s intuition is spot on. Right from the beginning of our virtual session, she sensed my overall health even though I had not said a word! Her readings are full of details and guidance. I felt so at ease in her presence. Cathy is a wonderful medium who is truly passionate, honest, and caring about her work.…Salma B.

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